Download Carnival Row (2023) S02 Dual Audio Complete Download 720p WEBRip

March 17, 2023 Tv Series

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Download Carnival Row (2023) S02 Dual Audio Complete Download 720p WEBRip



IMDb Rating:- 7.8/10
Genre: Crime 
Season No: 2
Language: Hindi
Released Year: 2023



A human detective and a fairy rekindle a dangerous affair in a Victorian fantasy world, where the city’s uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.


Download Carnival Row (2023) S02 Dual Audio Complete Download 720p WEBRip


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Detailed plot and summary:

The season starts with Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) uncovering the existence of a hidden artifact called the Veiled Mirror. The Veiled Mirror, known only in ancient legends, is said to possess the power to unravel the very fabric of reality, enabling the user to control the fates of both humans and mythical creatures. However, its power can only be harnessed during a rare cosmic event, which is approaching rapidly.

As news of the Veiled Mirror spreads, different factions emerge, vying to take control of the artifact. Among them are the Black Rose Society, a secret order of humans with a vendetta against the mythical creatures, and the Shadowed Wings, a group of mythical creatures seeking to use the mirror’s power to end their persecution by humans.

Meanwhile, as Rycroft and Vignette investigate the origin of the Veiled Mirror, they discover the existence of a prophecy foretelling the rise of a Chosen One who can wield the mirror’s power to restore harmony to Carnival Row. The prophecy is shrouded in ambiguity, but it is clear that the Chosen One will emerge from the union of human and mythical creature bloodlines.

In an attempt to maintain order, the government of the Burgue dispatches its enforcers, led by the ruthless Colonel Edmund Vale, to retrieve the Veiled Mirror. However, Vale has his own nefarious intentions, secretly collaborating with the Black Rose Society to use the mirror’s power to eradicate all mythical creatures from the city.

Throughout the season, Rycroft and Vignette face numerous challenges, as they must navigate the treacherous waters of the Burgue’s politics, confront dangerous adversaries, and deal with their own complicated relationship. They are aided in their quest by an unlikely alliance of humans and mythical creatures, including the resourceful faun Mr. Agreus (David Gyasi) and the enigmatic witch Alaria (Indira Varma).

As the cosmic event draws near, the race to control the Veiled Mirror reaches a fever pitch, culminating in a high-stakes showdown between Rycroft, Vignette, and their allies on one side, and the Black Rose Society, the Shadowed Wings, and Colonel Vale’s enforcers on the other. In the midst of this chaos, the true Chosen One is revealed, and their destiny becomes inextricably tied to the fate of Carnival Row.

In the thrilling season finale, the Chosen One must make a heart-wrenching sacrifice to prevent the Veiled Mirror from falling into the wrong hands, ultimately leading to a bittersweet resolution that both reshapes the future of Carnival Row and sets the stage for further adventures in Season 3.

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